Trees and Woody Plants

Indian Creek Ranch is in the vegetational Zone 7 of Texas, the Edwards Plateau.  We are putting together a gallery of plants that we would expect to find in Indian Creek, with separate pages for trees and shrubs, cactus and succulents, forbs, and grasses.  As we find and document the different plants, we will add them to the gallery to help you in identifying the plants on your place. We will emphasize which plants are good for deer, turkey, quail, and other wildlife.

Please remember, we are not plant experts!  If you are, we welcome your help.  If you aren’t either, we hope you enjoy learning along with us.

I drew this list of “Plants We Expect to Find” from many websites and from these books:

 Brush and Weeds of Texas Rangelands, 2008, AgriLife Extension

 Texas Range Plants, 1993, Texas A & M University Press

Toxic Plants of Texas, 2003, AgriLife Extension

Remarkable RiparianYour Remarkable Riparian, 2010, Nueces River Authority (this 92-page guide is available free online)




 family  common name  Latin name  notes and links
Beech family
Bigelow shinoak Quercus durandii also called scalybark shinoak, white shinoak
TAMU Bigelow oak
blackjack oak Quercus marilandica  TAMU blackjack oak
 live oak  Quercus virginiana  TAMU running live oak
 Wildflower Center live oak
 second choice for deer
Mohr shin oak Quercus mohriana  
 Wildflower Center Mohr oak
post oak Quercus stellata
 Wildflower Center post oak
sand shinnery oak Quercus havardii
 TAMU sand shinnery
Buckthorn family
Christ thorn Paliuris spina-christi also called Jerusalem thorn
lotebush Zizyphus obtusifolia
 second choice for deer
Citrus family
Hercules club Zanthoxylum clava-herculis
pricklyash Zanthoxylum hirsutum also called tickle-tongue
Creosote-bush family also known as Caltrop family
creosote bush Larrea tridentata
Wildflower Center creosote
third choice for deer
guayacan Guaiacum angustifolium also called ironwood
Wildflower Center guayacan
first choice for deer
Cypress family  Cupressaceae
Ashe juniper Juniperus ashei buchholz also called blueberry juniper
 ashe tips  TAMU Ashe juniper
 ashe branches  ashe juniper berries
Eastern red cedar Juniperus virginiana
redberry juniper Juniperus pinchotii
Elm family  Ulmaceae  The elms and hackberries have uneven bases to their leaves — one side is lower than the other.
cedar elm Ulmus crassifolia
 first choice for deer
elm Ulmus spp
hackberry Celtis spp
spiny hackberry Celtis pallida also called granjeno
 first choice for deer
sugar hackberry Celtis laevigata also called palo blanco
 first choice for deer
winged elm Ulmus alata
Foxglove family  Scrophulariaceae
ceniza Leucophyllum frutescens also called purplesage, Texas silverleaf
 second choice for deer
Holly family  Aquifolaceae
yaupon Ilex vomitoria
second choice for deer
Legume family  Fabaceae
blackbrush Acacia rigidula
second choice for deer
catclaw acacia Acacia greggii
 second choice for deer
catclaw mimosa Mimosa biuncifera, Mimosa borealis
goldenball lead tree Leucaena retusa
 golden-ball lead-tree  TAMU golden ball lead tree
 first choice for deer
guajillo Acacia berlandieri
second choice for deer
honey locust Gleditsia triacanthos
honey mesquite Prosopis glandulosa
huisache Acacia smallii
second choice for deer
retama Parkinsonia aculeata
 second choice for deer
Texas kidneywood Eysenhardtia texana also called vara dulce
first choice for deer
twisted acacia Acacia shaffneri also called huisachillo
 second choice for deer
western honey mesquite Prosopis glandulosa
Lily family
sacahuista Nolina texana
Mulberry family
bois d’arc Maclura pomifera also called Osage orange
Persimmon family
common persimmon Diospyros virginiana also called eastern persimmon
Texas persimmon Diospyros texana
Pine family  Pinaceae
 Texas pinyon  Pinus remota
 pinyon  pinyon needles  Wikipedia Texas pinyon
Rose family  Rosaceae
 mountain mahogany  Cercocarpus montanus var. glaber  also called true mountain mahogany
 mountain mahogany 2  TAMU mountain mahogany

first choice for deer;

listed in Toxic Plants of Texas

 Rue family  Rutaceae
 wafer ash  Ptelea trifoliata  hoptree
 wafer-ash 01  Wildflower Center wafer ash
Sapodilla family
coma Sideroxylon celastrinum also called saffron plum
first choice for deer
gum bumelia Sideroxylon lanuginosum also called coma, chittimwood, wooly bucket

Gum bumelia, also known as gum bully and about 10 other names. Photo by Jo Roberts.

Gum bumelia, also known as gum bully and about 10 other names. Photo by Jo Roberts.
second choice for deer
Spurge family  Euphorbiaceae
leatherstem  Jatropha dioica  also called sangra de drago
 jatropha dioica
Southwest bernardia Bernardia myricifolia also called oreja de raton

Southwest Bernardia. Photo by Jo Roberts.

Southwest Bernardia. Photo by Jo Roberts.
first choice for deer
Sumac family
evergreen sumac Rhus virens also called tobacco sumac

evergreen sumac leaves

evergreen sumac leaves

evergreen sumac bloom

evergreen sumac bloom
flameleaf sumac Rhus copallina
skunkbush sumac Rhus aromatica also called fragrant sumac
Sunflower family  Asteraceae
Roosevelt willow Baccharis neglecta
sand sagebrush Artemisia filifolia
seepwillow Baccharis salicifolia
Tamarisk family  Tamaricaceae
saltcedar Tamarix spp.,
Vervain family  Verbenaceae
 bee brush  Aloysia gratissima  also called beebush, whitebrush

bee brush

bee brush
Willow family  Salicaceae
willow Salix spp.

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