These are some of the flowers that are found in Indian Creek. They are labelled and linked to the best of our knowledge, but we are not botanists, so please look on this as a starting point for research.

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Family common name Latin name other common names, links, and notes
Amaryllis family rain lily Cooperia pedunculata
 rain lily - cooperia pedunculata  Wildflower Center rain lily
Aster family damianita Chrysactinia mexicana  low mounded plant w/ yellow flowers
 damianita 1 Wildflower Center damianita
Aster family Indian blanket Gaillardia pulchella  firewheel
 indian blanket - gaillardia pulchella USDA gaillardia
Aster family musk thistle Carduus nutans nodding thistle
musk thistle 01 - carduus nutans  USDA nodding thistle
Aster family pincushion daisy Gaillardia suavis fragrant gaillardia, perfume balls
pincushion daisy 01 - gaillardia suavis  USDA gaillardia suavis
 Pincushion daisy is found only in Texas, Okla., & Kansas
Aster family prairie fleabane Erigeron modestus plains fleabane
 prairie fleabane - erigeron modestus TAMU prairie fleabane
Aster family white rock lettuce Pinoropappus roseus white dandelion
 white rock-lettuce - pinaropappus roseus Wildflower Center white rock lettuce
Aster family zexmenia Wedelia acapulcensis v. hispida Texas creeping ox-eye, hairy wedelia
 zexmenia - zexmenia hispida  Wildflower Center zexmenia
Borage family puccoon Lithospermum incisum fringed puccoon, narrowleaf stoneseed
 puccoon 01 - lithospermum incisum  puccoon 02 - lithospermum incisum  USDA puccoon
Buttercup family two-flowered anemone Anemone edwardsiana Edwards Plateau thimbleweed
 two flower anemone - anemone edwardsiana Wildflower Center anemone
 two-flowered anemone is found only on the Edwards Plateau!
Gentian family mountain pink Centaurium calycosum  rock centaury, quinine weed
 mountain pink - centaurium calycosum  TAMU mountain pink
Legume family bluebonnet Lupinus texensis
Wildflower Center bluebonnet
 ICR bluebonnet
Mallow family sida Sida abutifolia  spreading sida
sida - sida filicaulis 02  TAMU sida
Milkweed family antelope horns Asclepias asperula
 Antelope Horns  Wildflower Center antelope horns
ICR antelope horns
Mint family annual pennyroyal Hedeomia acinoides
 annual pennyroyal 02 - hedeomia acinoides  Wildflower Center pennyroyal
Mint family Drummond’s skullcap Scutellaria drummondii
 drummond's skullcap 01 - scutellaria drummondii  drummond's skullcap 02 - scutellaria drummondii  Wildflower Center skullcap
 Mint family  mealy sage  Salvia farinacea
 mealy sage Wildflower Center mealy sage
Morning-Glory family Lindheimer’s morning glory Ipomoea lindheimeri
 Lindheimer's Morning-Glory 03 - ipomoea lindheimeri  Lindheimer's Morning-Glory 01 - ipomoea lindheimeri  Wildflower Center Lindheimer’s
Morning-Glory family Texas bindweed Convolvulus equitans
 texas bindweed - convolvulus equitans  Wildflower Center Tx bindweed
 Mustard family  whitlow grass  Draba Cuneifolia
 whitlow-grass - draba cuneifolia  WIldflower Center whitlow grass
 ICR whitlow grass
Nightshade family false nightshade Chamaeseracha sordida  hairy five eyes
 false nightshade - chamaesaracha sordida  TAMU false nightshade
Phlox family blue gilia Gilia rigidula v. rigidula
 blue gilia - gilia rigidula var rigidula  Wildflower Center gilia rigidula
Phlox family standing cypress Ipomopsis rubra
 standing cypress - ipomopsis rubra Wildflower Center standing cypress
 Verbena family  prairie verbena  Glandularia bipinnatifida
 prairie verbena Wildflower Center prairie verbena
 ICR prairie verbena