Welcome to Indian Creek Ranch. On this page, you will find some basic information regarding the ranch. It is geared towards individuals who are interested in buying property at the ranch or have just purchased.

Once you have become a landowner, reach out to Jo Roberts (jo.roberts@pwc.com) or Gwen Lanning (gwenlanning@yahoo.com) for a password to the page where landowner files are posted.

4 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Could someone contact me about the ranch. I am looking to purchase some land.
    Thank you


  2. Dan,

    we do not keep a list of properties available for sale at ICR. Most landowners planning to sell will have listings with the local, Rocksprings, real estate agents. If you have specific questions about the ranch, please reach out to me (jo.roberts@pwc.com) and Gwen (textileranger@gmail.com).


  3. NEW OWNER: My name is John schanzer, I am in the process of purchasing the property currently owned by Seong (Steve) Kim, Phase 1 Tract 1. Closing should be completed by September 20, 2019. The property is being taxed at a full rate even though he has been managing the property to wildlife: feeding, providing water and predator control. I would like to know if this property qualifies for the wildlife tax exemption?

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