Presidents Update – June 2009

Good news and bad. The Phase I pressure pump has been replaced and that well is now back in service. On the bad side, a large pressure tank has failed at the central pumping station – it will take almost 2 weeks to get it repaired. All of Phase III will be out of service, with some residents in Phases II, IV, and VI also impacted. This will be a very expensive repair (at least $3,000) and could impact some of the road work we planned to do this year.

On another note, we have had no nominees for Indian Creek Board positions. Although Robert Lenz has agreed to stay on as Treasurer, we do need someone to serve as President and Vice President. Although some folks have asked me to stay on, I simply won’t have the time this next year as we work to close Brooks Air Force Base here in San Antonio. I will be more than willing, however, to work with anyone who is willing to serve. I also don’t mind maintaining the address list for the Association.

Please let me know if you are interested in running. Thanks for your help!

Bill Wilson
The Owners Association at Indian Creek