Reminder: Association Annual Meeting – October 2 – 11am

Dear Indian Creek landowners,

This is just a reminder that our Annual Meeting will be October 2, 2010 at the airstrip starting at 11am (till roughly 2pm).

As we have done in the past, this will be a potluck event so bring your favorite dish and beverage. The Association will provide cooked meat (Brisket and hamburgers) as well as condiments. The grill will also be started at 10:30 in case you want to bring your own meat.

We have invited the following guest speakers, however not all of them have confirmed that they will be able to attend.

Ryan Smidt (Texas Parks Wildlife Department)
Scott Holly (local Game Warden)
Sylvestre Sorola (Wildlife Biologist)
Air Evac Life Team (Emergency Evacuation Team)

Our Agenda for the meeting will include the following:

Landowner Tags
Caliche Pits
Association wide WMP
Gate Combo Change
Census Results/ Harvest Recommendation
Elk situation
Financial report

If you have any questions or think of another issue that you feel should be discussed please contact me.

See you October 2 !!!

Mike Hoffman
ICR Association President